These days you can find showers and tubs in a great many styles. You have the most common drop-in models, which is likely what you already have in your bathroom. Some people still use old-fashioned clawfoot or “freestanding” tubs. An increasingly popular option in the modern world is standing glass showers. There are many reasons the modern homeowner would opt for standing glass showers over more conventional options. Continue reading to learn about four of the primary ones.

1. Safer for Those With Mobility Issues

Step-in showers are safer for those with mobility issues, including seniors. Since there is no tall ledge to step over, there is a lower risk of slipping. For extra safety, you can even install benches for a place to sit down or install mobile shower seats.

2. More Versatile Compared to Traditional Tubs

Standing glass showers are significantly more versatile than traditional sit-in tubs. As mentioned above, they’re safer for older people, as well as the disabled. You can incorporate a bench into the design if desired. 

Thanks to their larger size, even bathing little ones doesn’t pose a significant issue. An average-sized baby tub will fit in the bottom of the shower if you prefer to use that over the kitchen sink to bath babies.

3. More Light While Showering

Standing glass showers allow more light to filter inside while you’re showering. You don’t need to use curtains, although you can choose to use fogged glass for more privacy. Even fogged glass will allow a significant amount of light to shine through. No more needing to shower in dim lighting. 

4. Looks Great With Any Decor

The best part about standing glass showers is that they look great with any decor. It doesn’t matter what theme you choose for your bathroom remodel because glass goes great with anything. You can choose to customize the hardware (like the showerhead) if you want, but the glass needs nothing more than to be itself.

Do You Want More Information on Glass Showers?

Standing glass showers provide many benefits to homeowners, which is why an increasing number of people choose them during bathroom remodels. The benefits above are only the primary ones. There may be additional benefits based on your unique situation.

If you want more information on glass showers, give the remodeling experts at Trinity Homes AZ a call, or visit our website to be inspired by completed projects. We are well-versed in the different types of baths you could choose from. 

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