Many homeowners want to remodel their bathroom but they aren’t sure if they’re ready to take the plunge. Sometimes, financial issues might be to blame for putting the project off — while other times homeowners simply aren’t sure whether they’re ready for such a big project. If you’re one of those homeowners who are still on the fence about whether they should remodel their bathroom, here are four signs it’s time to take the plunge.

1. Bathroom Hardware and Furniture Is No Longer Working

After years of use, bathroom hardware and furniture can stop working properly. Sink fixtures can become cracked and toilets can begin to leak. Safety bars in the shower might no longer be sturdy and your tub can crack (especially plastic varieties).

You can plan your remodel to focus on the items that have actually stopped working efficiently and don’t necessarily have to replace everything. If your toilet has cracked but your sink and tub are still working fine, you can simply plan your remodel around replacing the toilet.

2. The Bathroom Is Outdated or Dingy

Even if bathroom hardware and furniture are still in working order, it might be outdated or dingy. There is a difference between dirty and dingy. Dirty means bathroom items simply need to be cleaned and they will look new (or almost new) again. Dingy refers to items that appear yellowed or dull, no matter how often you clean them. An outdated bathroom is one that isn’t up to date or up to code. Outdated bathrooms are often close to falling apart, cause the use of too much water, or don’t work as efficiently as it could.

Outdated and dingy bathrooms can benefit greatly from a remodel that replaces the oldest or most worn fixtures and furniture. Bathrooms that fall under this category often benefit from replacing the flooring and repainting the walls.

3. The Bathroom Is a Safety Hazard

Sometimes bathrooms are let go so long they become safety hazards. An item that is cracked or broken doesn’t necessarily make the bathroom a safety hazard. If your floor has become water damaged and is no longer stable, for example, your bathroom is a safety hazard. Major leaks in bathroom furniture, holes in the wall, or faulty electrical also constitute safety hazards.

When your bathroom is a safety hazard, the issues causing the room to be unsafe should be prioritized. You will be happier with your bathroom and relieve stress knowing your family is safe. 

4. You Aren’t Happy with Your Bathroom

Even if everything in your bathroom appears to be clean and working correctly, your happiness with this well-used room should be a determining factor in whether you will remodel or not. If you aren’t happy with your current bathroom, it is time to think about a bathroom remodel. If finances are warring with your ability to be happy with your bathroom, numerous affordable projects could breathe new life into the room.

Affordable remodeling projects that could make your bathroom seem new and fresh might include:

  • A fresh coat of paint on the walls.
  • Updating small hardware items only, such as the shower head, faucets, safety bars, shower curtain rod, and towel bars.
  • Replacing the flooring.
  • Updating the lighting fixtures.
  • Choosing a single item to replace, such as the toilet, sink, or tub. 

Is Now the Time to Remodel?

Many people want to update or remodel their bathrooms but aren’t sure they’re ready. If you’ve been thinking about it for awhile — it’s probably time to take the plunge. While it’s possible to update your bathroom yourself, hiring a qualified contractor might be the best idea. You can save time, money and frustration by letting a professional manage your project. Fully remodeling your bathroom will not only add functionality and value to your home — it will certainly be more enjoyable for you and your family.

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