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When you’re remodeling your kitchen, the backsplash can play a huge role in the overall design. In fact, it can even be one of the main centerpieces or focal points of the entire room. In the 1980s and 1990s, it was common for the Formica countertop material to transition into the backsplash, but nowadays people are using tile to add an extra-special design touch to the kitchen.

Backsplash tiles come in ceramic, metal, glass, stone, and many other beautiful materials, but the way that you lay the tiles can also make a major impact. Check out these design patterns that you can make using regular tiles.

1. Split Joint

Who would have thought that a tile you see in underground transportation areas would be so popular? But the reality is, many people love subway tile, mainly because of its simplicity. Traditionally, it is laid in a split joint pattern. For a less traditional look—try using a darker grout color.

split joint tile pattern

2. Straight Lay

Keep it simple. You can add a contemporary vibe without doing anything busy or overwhelming—just lay the tiles straight!

straight lay pattern

We love this patterned tile! It is designed to create a beautiful mosaic when laid straight, while turning the tile pieces 90 degress clockwise, one after the other. Clever!

straight lay tile pattern

3. Chevron

Often seen in textiles, furniture design, and many other household applications, the chevron pattern adds a funky twist without being too over-the-top. If the tile pieces are rectangular, you can achieve this look by cutting each end at an angle.

chevron tile pattern

4. Herringbone

Like chevron, this pattern is often seen on clothing, such as tweed coats. The herringbone design is a great addition to many kitchens because it has connotations of classic and sophisticated tastes.

herringbone tile pattern

5. Basketweave

As the name suggests, the basketweave pattern looks like, well, a basketweave design. This layout is great when you want to add a touch of unique pattern to an otherwise neutral space.

In Conclusion

There are many ways that you can add a bit of drama to your kitchen design by using backsplash tiles. Selecting just the right pattern to lay them can add a lot more interest to your kitchen and deliver a lot of bang for the buck.

When you’re ready to renovate, give the building experts at Trinity Homes AZ a call, or visit our website to be inspired by completed projects.

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