Is your home ready for springtime? Check out the four easy steps listed below to prepare your home for warmer spring days. You can avoid some unpleasant financial mishaps and create a more comfortable home by taking a few proactive measures.

1. Exterior House Upkeep

If you have tall, leafy trees close to your house, you’ll need to make sure the gutters are free and clear from debris before spring rains begin. Hire a professional if you’re not up to the task.

Give your exterior windows a good cleaning and check for damaged screens.

Sweep the debris off your patio, porch or deck, and scrub stained areas to get them clean. Add solar-powered patio lights to brighten your outdoor living spaces.

Pull out your stored flowerpots and plant some hearty, colorful pansies. Remove covers off your patio or deck furniture and wipe the pieces down with a damp cloth.  If weather permits, pull out your stored umbrellas, fabric cushions, and patio string lights.

Install a storm door with a retractable screen on your front door. Not only do you have an added layer of security, but you can enjoy the fresh spring air inside your home.

2. Outdoor Yard Maintenance

Hire a professional to get your lawn in shape. A lawn maintenance company can treat your lawn for pests and weeds, fertilize and aerate it, and even provide regular services if you choose.

Select a licensed bug exterminator to periodically treat the exterior perimeter around your home. If you have kids or pets, talk to the company about safety guidelines when using their services.

Give your outdoor landscaping a neat appearance by picking up lawn debris, trimming summer-flowering bushes, and pruning dead limbs from trees. Add new wood chips to dreary flower beds to give them a fresh look for spring.

Plant colorful spring flowers, such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinth, and crocus in outdoor flower beds. Because these are perennial flowers, they will return yearly.


3. Climate Control Tasks

Make sure your central air conditioning unit is in tip-top operating condition this spring by hiring a professional to examine it thoroughly. Remember to change your air conditioning filters as recommended.

Place vent deflectors over indoor cooling vents to better push the cool air out into each room. Move furniture pieces that are blocking any floor vents.

Check out your interior and exterior ceiling fans, and portable fans to make sure they operate properly.

Spring is a great time to install an awning over your patio or deck, screen in your porch, or add a pergola over your patio to increase the usability and comfort. This will make spending more time at home with family more enjoyable.

4. Interior Spring Updates

Make it a yearly practice to switch out existing batteries on your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for fresh replacements when springtime rolls around. Properly working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors provide peace of mind and safer home.

Hang wood blinds with 2-inch slats over your windows to add a fresh, modern vibe for spring. These chic, functional window blinds are adjustable to allow more sunshine inside your home on a cool spring day.

Create a more comfortable sleeping environment by swapping out warm winter bedding for cooler replacements. Summer bedding, such as satin sheets, a cotton blanket, and a summer-weight comforter offer lightweight layered bedding for a cool spring night.

Refresh your walls with a new coat of paint. Choose a light, neutral tone, such as agreeable gray, barely beige, creamy almond, or farmhouse white to create a bright atmosphere that complements any color palette.

If your home isn’t ready for springtime, use the suggestions above to prepare it for the new season. Not only will your home be aesthetically more appealing, but it will function better for you. Because your home is likely your biggest investment, be proactive and take care of it this spring.

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