More than ever, we desire our homes to be a sanctuary; a private haven where the pressures and cares of the world do not intrude. We long for a space where family members feel relaxed and safe.

Staying at a great hotel gives us the feeling of relaxation and comfort we crave. Often times, we want to stay longer to enjoy the experience! Well, guess what? With a few changes, you can recreate that experience and make your own home as comfortable as your favorite hotel.

Here are some home tips to consider:

1. Create a Stunning Entrance

Most successful hotels have a stunning entrance in order to make a great first impression on their guests. By making the front entrance of your home attractive, you’ll be ensuring that all who enter feel welcome right away. Consider painting your front door, adding potted plants, buying a new welcome mat, or a cute bench with outdoor pillows.


2. Create a Lavish Bedroom

An exquisite sleeping area is a trademark of how hotels cater to their visitors by providing a comfortable place to relax and sleep. You can change your bedroom look and make it as comfortable as an awesome hotel room by getting a new supportive mattress to replace the old one, some plump down pillows, a down comforter as well as soft Egyptian cotton sheets. And don’t forget the all-important blackout drapes!

Hotel Bedding Hotel Bedding


3. Set the Mood with Color

Choosing the right paint color for your home environment can make an enormous difference to your space. Ask yourself how you want to feel in a room. For example, warm and cozy or light and airy? Paint can be tricky. It’s often a good idea to have an interior designer or other paint expert help guide you in the process of choosing the right color.

Paint Swatches


4. Update Your Bathroom

Your home bathroom should consist of the same equally plush style as your home entrance and bedroom. Think back on the exquisite hotel bathroom’s approach where you spent your vacation and consider the style they used to create its beauty, amenities, and comfort. Make a list of the bathroom changes you will need to put into place like a glass-enclosed-walk-in shower with body jets, two large mirrors, and a Jacuzzi tub as well as fresh towels and bathmats. If you are remodeling, search Pinterest, and other sites for ideas of what materials are used for flooring, lighting, and more to create a comfortable luxurious feel.

Lavish Bathroom Lavish Shower


5. Install a Wi-Fi Connection in Your Thermostat

A Wi-Fi connection installed in your thermostat can add value and comfort to your home. Technology has come a long way and top-ranking hotels have bought into it. Therefore, by making sure to have a technologically connected thermostat to your home Wi-Fi, you can manage your energy output and save money while re-living your hotel comfort experience 24 hours a day.


6. Surround Yourself With Meaningful Treasures

Having a few vacation reminders in your home can conjure feelings of nostalgia and comfort. By placing the items at strategic points in the house where you can see them, you can instantly take your mind back to wonderful vacation memories. Pieces of driftwood, a collection of seashells, heart-shaped rocks, family photographs — whatever mementos remind you of the peace, tranquility, and fun you had while staying at your favorite hotel.

Wine and Sea Shells


In Conclusion

By making a few necessary home improvements, your bedroom and bathroom can be transformed into a close resemblance of a superb hotel experience and give you the comfort you crave. Your time spent at home will, therefore, reflect the past vacations you had and bring back warm memories.

When you’re ready to renovate, give the remodeling experts at Trinity Homes AZ a call, or visit our website to be inspired by completed projects.

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