The typical family who does a normal amount of laundry at home may not ever consider investing in a commercial washing machine. But if you have a large family and find yourself doing endless loads of laundry, a commercial machine might be a worthy solution to a tedious problem.

Residential Washing Machines

These days, the vast majority of people have washing machines in their homes. The average residential washing machine is mass-produced using relatively inexpensive parts. And that’s okay because most typical families do no more than one to two average-sized loads of laundry every few days. The problem comes when a residential washer is in constant use. Those cheaper parts break down and your washer will need to be constantly repaired, or even replaced.

Commercial Washing Machines

There are many businesses such as hotels, pet shelters, beauty salons and spas, hospitals, and gyms that use commercial washing machines. These businesses are doing large amounts of laundry, sometimes around the clock, and must have reliable, heavy-duty equipment. Commercial washing machines are built for this kind of continuous use. They have larger capacities and go through washing cycles much faster than their residential counterparts. But even if you are not planning on doing this much laundry on a daily basis, there are still a lot of reasons to consider replacing your residential machine with a commercial model. Obviously, the amount of laundry to be done is a factor. But washing heavily-soiled fabrics or large items like blankets, comforters, or drapes is very hard on a residential machine and will wear it out quickly.

Advantages of Commercial Washing Machines at Home

Today, there are many models of commercial washing machines available that are appropriate for home use. And they come with many advantages. Here are just a few:

Double-duty. In general, a commercial washer has roughly twice the capacity of a residential model. 

  Designed for service. Even the best washing machines must be serviced on occasion. Since many businesses depend heavily on commercial washers, the components are made from higher quality material and the machinery is designed to be quickly serviced so that the machines are up and running in as short a time as possible.

Highly programmable. Although residential machines have various program settings, commercial machines generally have more options for customizable programming. This allows the machine to accommodate a variety of needs and operate more efficiently. 

Considerations for Buying a Commercial Washing Machine

Probably the biggest obstacle to buying a commercial washing machine for home use is the initial cost. Commercial machines are expensive. But the investment pays off over time because they are built for efficiency, saving both time and money. Here are some other considerations before purchasing a commercial washing machine for home use:

Will it fit? Commercial machines are larger than residential machines, so make sure your laundry area is large enough.

  Do you have adequate water lines? Commercial machines have larger tubs and require more water than residential models. Standard households have ¾ inch fill lines which are too small for commercial washers. Imagine filling a bathtub with your bathroom sink faucet. These smaller lines will affect efficiency if not modified for a commercial washer. 

  Do you have the power? Residential washing machines usually require a standard 120-volt outlet. However, a commercial model may require an electrical outlet that is wired to a 240-volt circuit. For safety reasons and to protect your washer, make sure your laundry area is wired for a commercial machine.

  Do you have adequate drainage? Commercial washers are equipped with different drain systems than residential models. Small residential drain systems will slow drain times and make your commercial machine less efficient.

In Conclusion

Not everyone wants or needs a commercial washing machine in their home, but if you are doing more than the average amount of laundry than a commercial unit might be worth considering. Although the initial price can be off-putting, it helps to remember that commercial models are more economical in the long run. On top of that, they are built with high-quality parts and materials that could last a lifetime.

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